I've been wondering what happened to the film, Flipped. The cast and crew shot here in the area where I live all last summer, and before the end of August they packed their bags and left. Almost 10 months later, I started wondering what happened to it. Why were there no stills or trailers or any interviews or anything else concerning the movie anywhere?! I know it's not the most-looked-forward-to movie of the year, but there should've been a press release or something here and there.

So there I was, wondering about the fate of the film, and hoping it wasn't shelved or forgotten, then two days ago, on Steph Su Reads, there was an interview with Wendelin Van Draanen, the author of the book, with a link to her blog. Now, I haven't been on her blog since, um, I think last September, so I just decided to check it out, and oh, guess what? This appeared:

That's right, the theatrical poster for the movie! Ahh, everything is so perfect about it! The tree, the horizon, the "You never forget your first love" caption (which is a little dramatic, but hey, it's a film made in Hollywood :D), Bryce and Julie, and Rob Reiner, who directed the Princess Bride, helmed this project, so it shouldn't be too wrong-He's great at adapting books to films! Well, if you've been reading this blog for a while, you know when I get excited, I get really...ecstatic! Really, really ecstatic. So I guess you can tell that for the rest of the evening, I was in my happy place. :D

Then yesterday evening, GreenBeanTeenQueen, revealed the theatrical trailer-

-sooo...that caused quite an eruption in my house. Of course I had to show it to everyone in my family! The schools, the homes, the trees, they were part of my town, and the cast and crew were here! I am so beyond excited for this movie. The cast looks great, especially Callan McAullife who's playing Bryce. I mean, he's playing the main character, and judging from the few scenes they have here, he's going to be excellent. :) The whole film looks great, the spirit of the story is there it seems, I get why the screenwriters decided to set the story in the 50's (I totally agree with them too), so I'm crossing my fingers hoping for it to be wonderful! And I hope it is a success. Wendelin Van Draanen and her story deserves it...and the cast and crew deserves it I guess, but she is the one who started it all.

*Sigh* Now I wish I visited the sets when they were here! (If they didn't allow me, I would've sneaked in. Just kidding of course, um, I think. :P)


  1. cool, I think I recognized a place, did you?

  2. The suburbs looked familiar. Hmm...I think they shot the auditorium scenes in Sherry's middle school. I know the school at 58 sec is Thurston. :) And...I believe the pond they walk by in the later half of the trailer is near your house!

  3. Well, yeah the trailer is pretty cool but not really as cool as the Tron Legacy teaser trailer.

  4. wait, is it like a middle school love story?

  5. Maybe it's because I'm older now, but I don't actually consider it a "love story" anymore. It's a beautiful story about the relationship between the two main characters (Bryce and Juli) and their families, and how Bryce and Juli (especially Bryce) grow, about how everyone sees the world differently and in their own perspective, and looking beyond the surface.

    There's a little romance, but I don't think it can be categorized as a love story. The crushes are just a little part of the story. It's deep, cute, sweet, heartfelt, so I definitely recommend it to you. I can give you my copy if you want. It's a fairly short book, and I say it's worth a read, in my opinion. I know I say that a lot about almost every book I read, but this one has been one of my favorites since middle school, and it's just fantastic. It's one of the few books that will stick with me forever. :)