Happy Halloween!

This year instead of taking my neighbors out for trick-or-treating, I'm just going to stay at home and watch all the Halloween specials on TV, while passing out the candies to everyone. That way, I can steal some candy from our stash in the pantry whenever I feel like it, and I won't need to put together a costume at the last minute! Muhawhahhaw! (Yes, I can be very evil sometimes. :P)

Anyway, hope you all have a safe, fun Halloween! Don't get too scared by all the witches, ghouls, skeletons, pirates and fairies walking around your neighborhood. :)

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In honor of the lovely, cold rain today

Here, it's pouring down heavily. So for that, a short poem for everyone:

First Winter Rain by Matsuo Basho

First winter rain-
even the monkey
seems to want a wintercoat


Fear of the Orthodontist

At the beginning of my orthodontia, I always laughed when my friends told me of their fear of their orthodontists. What's so scary about them? I mean, sure, sometimes they accidentally whack your teeth with their tools, but it never hurts that much, and the orthodontists I go to are pretty cool.

Now, the word orthodontist strikes fear in my heart too...

Well, the main thing is, they keep on giving me all these treatments. After the school year ended in June and I went for my monthly check-up/tightening, they announced that I had to get my wisdom teeth taken out (and I did). Yesterday, they told me I had to start wearing rubber bands and they're quite painful. I can't open my mouth correctly, and my face looks different. They also broke the news that I'd probably have to start wearing a headgear a few months from now. Who knows what they're going to say when I go next month. I know they're doing it for the good of my mouth, but it's a little irritating, and my mouth hates it.

*Sigh* I can't wait for the whole braces thing to be over.

On a positive note, I had no school today! I studied a little bit, finished the Thief, watched a little bit of Pink Panther on TV, and thought about cleaning my room but didn't. Now I think I'll go drink some hot chocolate.


Whimsical Thoughts #2

- I love 12 Angry Men. We're reading the play in English right now, and it's soo much fun! Each of us get assigned a part (if we want to read), and we just act it out. (I'm the Foreman, the person who trys to keep things under control when the jurors start yelling at each other.) I watched the old black-and-white movie, back in 7th grade in this class called Mock Trials, where we learned about law, and pretended like we were lawyers (I ended up really liking that elective). Anway, 12 Angry Men is intense. The debates between the jurors are riveting and you really have to pay attention to get what's happening. It's amazing. After I watched the movie, and finished Mock Trials, I badly wanted to become a lawyer when I grew up.

- The prospect of college is becoming real to me and everyone else I know. So are the PSAT, SAT, ACT, and the MME. Some people I know are freaking out about all of the tests (including me), and are frantically signing up for prep classes. I'm taking the PSAT tomorrow.

- I need to get better with not saying "ummm..." or "uhh..." or "like..." whenever I have a presentation to do in class. In Business, we had to interview a local entrepreneur, make a powerpoint about them, and present it to the class. I would've gotten a perfect score, but I got one point off because of my bad habit of saying "umm". I hate it when I make silly mistakes.

- Question: In Pride and Prejudice, don't Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy both have prejudices? I've been having these debates with one of my friends, this past week, about whether or not they both have prejudices. I say they both have them, but my friends says that only Mr. Darcy has prejudices. (FYI, we both never read the book. We did watch the movies though. :P) So, don't they both have prejudices? Elizabeth against Mr. Darcy, and Mr. Darcy against the lower class...right?

- Yesterday on the bus home, my friends and I came to the conclusion that Taylor Swift's Love Story is a combination of Romeo and Juliet, the Scarlett Letter, and Pride and Prejudice. The beginning is R&J ("We were both young when I first saw you..."), the middle is the Scarlett Letter (we think), and starting from the part when she says "When I met you on the outskirts of town," it's P&P. (Ok, so it's not very important, but we were bored!) Our debate about P&P evolved from this discussion.

- I love Prada and Prejudice. I don't want to return it to the library...

- Goodreads is awesome! I can't believe I've never heard of that site until I started this blog! It's so book-oriented, has quotes from almost every book and influential person you can think of, and you can be friends with authors!! I have Sarah Miller, the author of Miss Spitfire, as a friend! Wow.

- I'm very happy and relieved about this. I'm so glad he was found (I was very scared for him yesterday), though it's a little weird how his brother never mentioned that he saw Falcon Heene go in the box right away. Lesson to learn from this: Don't run away and hide in a box when your parents yell at you. You never know when there's a search party looking for you (not to mention people watching TV will get worried).