Whimsical Thoughts

- So I was watching the Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs trailer on TV, and there's this part when the girl's like "What could possibly top this?!" and then Flint, the scientist, goes "With hot fudge. Hahahaha!" I like that part. :) I hope to see that movie soon.

-The weather's turning colder and colder everday. Time to bring out the jackets! :( Hopefully, it won't be as cold this year. You know, the weather has been so bizarre this year. It rained like every other day during the summer, and now it's freezing in the morning. September mornings are always a little chilly here, but not so cold that you can't wear flip-flops! Uh-oh...global warming....

-I love this picture:

My friend took it on the bus from my cell phone accidentally. I like the feel of the picture, if you get what I mean.

- I forgot to add this to my Places I want to visit someday list, but I also would like to go to Prince Edward Island, and see "Avonlea" (LM Montegomery's pseudonym for her town, Cavendish), Green Gables, the Lake of Shining Waters, and other places in the fictional town. Author Mitali Perkins, blogged about her trip to PEI here.

- We're watching Jurassic Park again, with a couple of my brother's friends. (Soo many memories with the JP movies...) :-D I faintly remember seeing Jurassic Park 2 in theaters when I was three, I think. The part I remember most is when they're running through the field and Velociraptors are jumping on them. I remember telling my mom after the movie that during that scene, the humans were turning into Velociraptors or something (I didn't understand what was happening at that time :P).

- It's very quiet in my neighborhood these days. Too quiet. No more kids bicycling outside, or their parents waving at me when I go out to get the mail. I miss everyone being outside.


Places I would like to visit someday

1) The first country name that would pop out of my mouth would be Greece! There's just so much fascinating history and mythology involved. I would love to visit the Parthenon, the Acropolis, and the National Archaeological Museum. Just walking all around Athens and snapping pictures would be amazing. There's just so much I would love to do there.

2) Italy! Again, it's a country full of historical monuments, old tales, and scenic cities. It would be fun to ride through the "streets" of Venice, or travel to Verona, where Romeo and Juliet takes place, or go to one of the colosseums, and imagine what it would've been like to see gladiators chasing each other down. :-D Oh, and did I mention the food yet? Italian food is the best! I love Paninis.

3) Australia- The weather's opposite of the northern hemisphere weather. Going there during winter will be awesome. There'll be no need to worry about heavy jackets, and boots! I can perfect my Australian accent (which is pretty bad) and I can see Kangaroos. Plus, I'll be on an island! *grin*

4) It's not in a different country, but someday I would like to go to Los Angeles. It's always been a dream of mine to visit all the Hollywood studios, and maybe spot some celebrities. There's also the Walk of Fame, and Beverely Hills. :)

5) London- It's the home of Shakespeare, JK Rowling, a billion Kings and Queens who lived in the Buckingham Palace. They also have awesome triple decker buses, and people who have really classy accents. :-D

6) Paris- After I finish my four years of French in high school, I want to go to Paris to test my French a little bit, visit the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe, eat delicious French food, and see all the architecture that my middle school teacher (who's French) is proud of.

Now, enough about where I want to go. Where would you like to go?