A Return/Birthdays/Nixon/Some Lucky People/And an Award!

Bonjour mes amies! Après un mois, je suis revenu. (Translation: Hello, my friends! After one month, I have returned. :D) I can't believe it's been one month already since I last written something. Yeesh. See, at least I'm still alive. All the homework, tests, and term papers haven't killed me...yet. :P

But, May 17th was my blog's first birthday! Hip hip hooray! Time for a virtual birthday party, and a short speech! Well, first of all I want to thank everyone for reading this blog, and getting to know everyone else has been great. I know I haven't been blogging much, so thanks for sticking with me. Now, in honor of the Flying Scribble's birthday, here are some virtual birthday brownies for all. Don't worry, there's enough for everyone, so you can take a piece:

And perfectly to go along with the birthday celebration, the awesome Elle has given me my first blog award! *sniff sniff*
Thanks Elle. *sniff again* It made my day. :D Since I got it on May 18th, I'll consider it a birthday present for the blog. :) I'll get to the meme soon!

I've also gotten my braces off after two years. Having straight teeth feels so surreal, but I actually kind of miss my braces. They were part of my life for a while, and suddenly not having them anymore feels strange still. Heh, heh. Oh, well. :)

Frost/Nixon the movie is AMAZING. Eek!! I could talk about the movie and the subject for days, but I'll just say that if you like journalism, history, and great filmmaking, you'll love it. I have to research the subject for a paper we have to write, and I'm glad I picked this movie. I really don't know if I should pity Nixon or not. I mean, was he really that bad? He was strange for sure, but interesting, but maybe, just maybe, he was a little misunderstood. Hmm...anyways, I LOVED this film, and now I get the whole Nixon administration. Our textbook made Nixon's story so confusing. tsk tsk.

Also, I finally got a Conspiracy of Kings, and it's sitting on my bed waiting to be finished this weekend. I also started reading Sense and Sensibility, so hopefully I'll get a couple of reviews up in the next couple of weeks. Unlike some people who get out of school today*cough* Cate *cough*, I still have three more weeks of school left, so I still won't get around to writing much.

So yeah, 3 more weeks until freedom! Until I have more time to write, or until vacation starts, ciao! And thanks for sticking around. I promise I won't ever leave this blog for one month ever again. er, hopefully. (As you can probably tell from this post, I'm still a little out it.) Oh yeah, and I have a little advice for future high schoolers: Never miss four consecutive days of school. Not. Good. At. All.