Things I Loved These Past Two Weeks

This song:

It’s hauntingly beautiful and I loves it. :)

This book: Umm...is it too late to mention Behemoth? I breezed through the book two weeks ago and I adored it. I can’t decide about whether or not I liked it more than Leviathan, but let’s just say that it rocked. :)

And another book: Well, we can't forget a little something called the Lost Hero! (I was going to make some brownies to celebrate when I got it last week, but I couldn’t. Hmm..maybe tomorrow?)

Anyways, I started it, and...I like it. :) It feels nice to go back to familiar grounds and be with old characters again. The only thing I’m sad about is the fact that several characters from the PJO series made no appearance, including Percy. *sob* Luckily, the next book in the series has his name in the title (or should I say his title in the title), and that right there confirms that it’s going to be spectacular.

This movie: I like documentaries and documentaries do sort of count as movies, right? The Cove is about Dolphins and... it’s interesting, to say the least. It is slightly disturbing, now that I think about it, but I enjoyed it when we had to watch it in class. Seeing it will make you want to pick up your picket signs and start advocating for animal rights everywhere. It's so...*shudder*

This picture:

Well, it's not the picture I like (sorry for the quality); it's the flower. I took this picture several days ago when I realized that it's the only living flower/plant outside anymore. Maybe I like this flower so much because it's becoming really, really cold here, but it's still surviving somehow. I guess that just amazed me...

Just seeing this movie poster in our theater made me jump up with joy:

Less than a month! :)

And, finally, this Calvin & Hobbes comic strip:

I never hate writing assignments, but after weeks of being buried under writing assignments about rhetoric and style, seeing this just made me smile. :)


My Life in Books

I saw this meme over at Squeaky Books and I thought it'd be fun to try it. :D All you have to do is type in a title of a book you've read this year at the end of the sentence. It took me a while, but voila! Here's my list:
  • In high school I was: Flipped (Wendelin Van Draanen)
  • People might be surprised I'm: Catching Fire (Suzanne Collins)
  • I will never be: Cleopatra's Daughter (Michelle Moran)
  • My fantasy job: Poison Study (Maria Snyder)
  • At the end of a long day I need: A Raisin in the Sun (Lorraine Hansberry)
  • I hate it when: You Can't Take it With You (George Kaufman)
  • Wish I had: Predator's Gold (Philip Reeve)
  • My family renunions are: A Midsummer Night's Dream (William Shakespeare)
  • At a party you'd find me: Gone (Michael Grant) -> Tee heee. :P
  • I've never been to: The City of Bones (Cassandra Clare)
  • A happy day includes: Broadway Lights (Jen Calonita)
  • Motto I live by: Only the Good Spy Young (Ally Carter)
  • On my bucket list: The Miles Between (Mary E. Pearson)
  • In my next life I want to be: The Great Gatsby (Scott Fitzgerald)

Ta da! It sure is difficult but you'll find yourself giggling over your answers once you start it. :D If you do it, put your link in the comments so I can see! :)


Oh, hello October

Nonie's advice of the day: If you have to film something for a project or something, remember not to shoot in a portrait format! Let's just say that the process of flipping everything back is not pretty and very tiring. Don't say I didn't warn you...

With that said, it's October now, so I changed the layout (yet again) to suit the wonderful season of Fall. :)

With that proclamation, here's some quick thoughts/news:

- Junior year is hard. When I first got my class schedule, the first thought that entered my head was, Haha. With no math and no French, this term is going to be so easy...muhahahahaha!

And...I can truthfully tell you that, sadly, it's not. But I shall conquer Junior year! Muahahaha!

- Everyday as I walk into Government, I think about how much I miss studying US History. I miss hearing lectures on Benjamin Franklin and the importance of barbed wire. I really do.

- Doesn't Megamind look hilarious? It's coming out November 4th, and I don't think I'm going to see it, but it looks like it'll be great!

- I've been rereading Leviathan (or trying to read is probably a better way to put it) to catch up on the whole story for the release of Behemoth. There's no one like Count Volger to cheer you up when you're feeling dreadful. :P (He's one of my favorite mentor/wise teacher characters in literature. :D)

- Speaking of Leviathan, here's nice, little excerpt* from Behemoth I found on the Simon & Schusters site (eeeeeek!). If it came out yesterday or today, it would've been perfect, but alas, it's releasing next Tuesday, so we have to wait three more days (unlike some lucky people who've already gotten it)! Even then, I won't be able to read it until next weekend or maybe even a couple of weeks after that. Oh well. At least we know that Behemoth will have more of Keith Thompson's gorgeous art!

* If you want to hear Alan Cumming's version of the excerpt (which, like Scott Westerfeld said, is made up of awesomesauce), here's the link. :)