Harry Potter trailers never cease to amaze me.
Excited is not even the right word to describe my feelings right now.
The Deathly Hallows is going to be epic.
The music, the action, the dialogue. Everything is perfect in this trailer.
My favorite scene? At 1:33:
Voldemort-"Why do you live?"
Harry-"Because I have something worth living for." (<<----Very epic line, is it not?)

And..umm...did anyone else start tearing up when watching this trailer, or was it just me? As much as I am excited to see this movie, I don't feel like seeing it because it's the end of my favorite series ever, though, of course I'm going to go because I need to see the end. Er...


Books, two beautiful books

So, I've been reading a lot these past few days. Ok, only two books, but compared to the number of books I've read during the school year, it's a lot!

The first book I read was The Miles Between by Mary E. Pearson. The story is about Destiny Faraday. She feels abandoned, lost, and bitter. When a car suddenly shows up on her school's ground, she and her friends decide to go on a road trip in search of a fair day. A day that will actually go right, and one where everyone can be content with what happens.

It was amazing. Just amazing. And bittersweet and heartbreaking at points. It's the kind of book that after you finish reading, will make you curl up and ponder about the topics and questions it brought up during the story. In this case, the story is all about fate. Is everything just a coincidence or is it fate? Is there such thing as destiny anyway? And what do numbers have to do with anything? The topic is strange, but intriguing.

The story is realistic fiction, though it's realistic in a rather magical way (if that makes any sense), and I think that 's why I love it as much as I do now. The last 50 pages...wow. The ending made me catch my breath. It's splendid, and I truly admire Mary E. Pearson for tying up the story that way. I thoroughly enjoyed The Miles Between, and I can't recommend this book enough. It's unforgettable, and I know I'll have a hard time giving it back to my library. ;)


Now, the second book I read was Cleopatra's Daughter by Michelle Moran. Anything that has to do with Ancient Rome and Greece always fascinated me, so obviously, just seeing the cover made me want to read it. :D The book itself was pretty good, and very, very abundant in historical detail. I learned so much about Rome from reading this- the cruelties women and the poor went through, the corruption, the politics, the architecture, family life, you name it.

Cleopatra's daughter, Kleopatra Selene, was an interesting person to read about. I don't know much about Egypt, so this was my first time reading about her children.The problems Selene and Alexander went through with growing up in a country that wasn't their own was understandable, and I loved Selene's growth throughout the book. However, I wish the book continued, because I would've loved to hear about her marriage, and her rule as Queen. Also, the romance, though sweet, is very abrupt. It spans the last few pages, and not enough time to taken to develop it, so it feels awkward..

Well anyway, despite the two issues I pointed out, the book was great! If you're a history geek (like me!), or you love political tension or a lovely book in general, you'll love this book. Though it took me a while to get into it, I enjoyed it, and I think there should totally be a sequel! It would be awesome if there was a book about Selene's life after marriage and such. (Michelle Moran, if you landed on this page somehow and you're reading this, please please please?)


Ahhh...Summer Vacation...

The final bell rang on Thursday, so basically, yeah, what time is it?! It's summer time! BTW, I don't mind HSM, and i'm just so happy about summer, I just had to put that in. :P And oh my goodness, I have time to read now! And not just my textbooks, but books I want to read, like the Red Pyramid!

I put it on hold about two months ago, and 108 holds later, and I finally got it from my library last Wednesday (yay!). The plot was fascinating and there were plenty of explosions scattered around the story (hehe, basic Riordan style :D). I hardly know anything about Egyptian mythology (Greek and Roman mythology was more fascinating to me), so I enjoyed brushing up my knowledge on Egypt and its' myths. The characters are extremely likable, especially Carter and Sadie's Cat, Muffin (who turns out to be more than meets the eye). Carter's no Percy, but I found his narration to be one of my favorite things about the book. He was adorable. Sadie, Carter's younger sister who's 12, acted more like a 16-year-old, so I thought was a little off.

Ok, now this is such a minor thing, so minor that it shouldn't even be mentioned, but I will
because I have to or I'll go crazy. Here goes: *a really teeny tiny spoiler* I disliked Carter's wardrobe change at the end. I know, I know, it's such a small thing that Rick Riordan did, but honestly, what's wrong with a nice button-down shirt, slacks, and dress shoes? It's professional, sometimes adorable, and as Carter's father says, impeccable. I can't believe Rick Riordan changed that. :(

So, anyway, to put it simply, I savored this book from start to finish. Mythology is again, mixed in perfectly with the modern world. Percy Jackson will always be special to me, so I don't think it's fair if I compare them. The story in the Red Pyramid (without comparison) is simply amazing, even if some plot lines seem repeated, and well, it's fun to be back with Mr. Riordan's writing again. Did I ever mention how much I love his humor and style? Love them.

P.S. On pg. 52, there's a little mention of Percy Jackson which completely made my day. :)


I'm Sixteen?

Today's my birthday, and shockingly, that means I'm sixteen. My, how fast these past years have gone by. I still remember my 10th birthday like it was only yesterday. (And now, I'm sixteen?!) It's going to be so ridiculously crazy this year, but going to be so much fun at the same time (er, hopefully). :P Hmmm...let's see what happens. :D


Passing on the ability to be Over the Top

Anyone love Quaker granola bars? I started eating them several weeks ago (I know! Only several weeks ago?), and now I feel silly for saying, but Quakers' granola bars (especially the chocolate chip granola bars or the fully covered by chocolate granola bars) are very addicting. They are yummmmmyyy.

Anyway, on to the important stuff:

Soo, I got the blog award from Elle (thank you so much again for my first award!), but I didn't give it to anyone. I just wanted to say that every blog I read is excellent, but I just wanted to make sure to give to people I know haven't received this yet..so, I hereby give the Your Blog is Over the Top to:

Rachel: Ummm, maybe it's because I myself can't bake to save my life, so I like people who can. I love her recipes, and basically anything else she has to say! Plus, I enjoy her English style. Though she's been gone for several months, she returned, saying that she'll be back for real in a couple of weeks, so I'm anxiously waiting for that to happen. :D


Priya: A fellow Harry Potter obsessee (who by the way just posted the new thrilling Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I teaser trailer yesterday), who I'm starting to get to know. Her reviews are short, and sweet, she's usually the first one to post up awesome trailers. She can also write poetry, and well, basically, her blog is fun to read in general. :)

So yeah, that's it. Hope you like the award, guys. :) Have a nice rest of the week, everyone. And for a few of us who still have a couple weeks of school to go, hang in there. We can make it. :D



I've been wondering what happened to the film, Flipped. The cast and crew shot here in the area where I live all last summer, and before the end of August they packed their bags and left. Almost 10 months later, I started wondering what happened to it. Why were there no stills or trailers or any interviews or anything else concerning the movie anywhere?! I know it's not the most-looked-forward-to movie of the year, but there should've been a press release or something here and there.

So there I was, wondering about the fate of the film, and hoping it wasn't shelved or forgotten, then two days ago, on Steph Su Reads, there was an interview with Wendelin Van Draanen, the author of the book, with a link to her blog. Now, I haven't been on her blog since, um, I think last September, so I just decided to check it out, and oh, guess what? This appeared:

That's right, the theatrical poster for the movie! Ahh, everything is so perfect about it! The tree, the horizon, the "You never forget your first love" caption (which is a little dramatic, but hey, it's a film made in Hollywood :D), Bryce and Julie, and Rob Reiner, who directed the Princess Bride, helmed this project, so it shouldn't be too wrong-He's great at adapting books to films! Well, if you've been reading this blog for a while, you know when I get excited, I get really...ecstatic! Really, really ecstatic. So I guess you can tell that for the rest of the evening, I was in my happy place. :D

Then yesterday evening, GreenBeanTeenQueen, revealed the theatrical trailer-

-sooo...that caused quite an eruption in my house. Of course I had to show it to everyone in my family! The schools, the homes, the trees, they were part of my town, and the cast and crew were here! I am so beyond excited for this movie. The cast looks great, especially Callan McAullife who's playing Bryce. I mean, he's playing the main character, and judging from the few scenes they have here, he's going to be excellent. :) The whole film looks great, the spirit of the story is there it seems, I get why the screenwriters decided to set the story in the 50's (I totally agree with them too), so I'm crossing my fingers hoping for it to be wonderful! And I hope it is a success. Wendelin Van Draanen and her story deserves it...and the cast and crew deserves it I guess, but she is the one who started it all.

*Sigh* Now I wish I visited the sets when they were here! (If they didn't allow me, I would've sneaked in. Just kidding of course, um, I think. :P)