Ahhh...Summer Vacation...

The final bell rang on Thursday, so basically, yeah, what time is it?! It's summer time! BTW, I don't mind HSM, and i'm just so happy about summer, I just had to put that in. :P And oh my goodness, I have time to read now! And not just my textbooks, but books I want to read, like the Red Pyramid!

I put it on hold about two months ago, and 108 holds later, and I finally got it from my library last Wednesday (yay!). The plot was fascinating and there were plenty of explosions scattered around the story (hehe, basic Riordan style :D). I hardly know anything about Egyptian mythology (Greek and Roman mythology was more fascinating to me), so I enjoyed brushing up my knowledge on Egypt and its' myths. The characters are extremely likable, especially Carter and Sadie's Cat, Muffin (who turns out to be more than meets the eye). Carter's no Percy, but I found his narration to be one of my favorite things about the book. He was adorable. Sadie, Carter's younger sister who's 12, acted more like a 16-year-old, so I thought was a little off.

Ok, now this is such a minor thing, so minor that it shouldn't even be mentioned, but I will
because I have to or I'll go crazy. Here goes: *a really teeny tiny spoiler* I disliked Carter's wardrobe change at the end. I know, I know, it's such a small thing that Rick Riordan did, but honestly, what's wrong with a nice button-down shirt, slacks, and dress shoes? It's professional, sometimes adorable, and as Carter's father says, impeccable. I can't believe Rick Riordan changed that. :(

So, anyway, to put it simply, I savored this book from start to finish. Mythology is again, mixed in perfectly with the modern world. Percy Jackson will always be special to me, so I don't think it's fair if I compare them. The story in the Red Pyramid (without comparison) is simply amazing, even if some plot lines seem repeated, and well, it's fun to be back with Mr. Riordan's writing again. Did I ever mention how much I love his humor and style? Love them.

P.S. On pg. 52, there's a little mention of Percy Jackson which completely made my day. :)


  1. I just finished this book too, a couple days ago. It was really nice - and I loved the allusion to Percy Jackson too! I still love Percy Jackson wayyyyy more, but this was amazingly good as well.