Revisiting the Goose Girl- Audiobook style!

So, I finished listening to the Goose Girl audiobook last night. My thoughts on it? Well...

- AMAZING STORY!!! AHH! Each time I read or reread one of the Books of Bayern, I'm again reminded about how brilliant Shannon Hale's writing is.
- It was a Fullcast audio production so instead of one person narrating the story and voicing all the characters, there were multiple actors acting/voicing different parts. Everyone (err...their voices) fit their characters perfectly, especially the actors for Geric, Enna, and Selia.
- The person who voiced Razo made him sound like a 10 year old though, so that disturbed me.
- The audiobook let me relish my favorite parts of the story again (*Gasp* Geric is the...?! Talone?! Ugh, Ungolad!)
- At the very end, there's a little commentary by Shannon Hale, and umm...it was actually the first time I heard her voice, so I was kinda surprised by how she sounded. You know how when you read someone's blog, or article, or something else they wrote, you start hearing their voice (or how you imagine it) in your head, right? And when you hear their real voice, you get taken aback for a while. Well, that's how I was last night. (But it's always fun, matching a face with a voice. :D)
- I think the audiobook increased my love of the story even more. The whole audiobook experience was so enjoyable, and even my brother dropped in to listen to the climax. :D Even if you've already read the story, like me, it'll be fun to go through it again. :) (I'll definitely be rereading the whole series again soon.)

After I finished the audiobook, I've started thinking about the Books of Bayern again, especially the leading ladies. I love Ani. I love how she changes and grows throughout the story. Shannon Hale rocks for writing a character like her. Then there's Rin. She's just like me on so many levels. So much that while I was reading, it sometimes it felt like the story was about me, and my feelings. Anyway, I was just thinking about connecting with the characters, so I wanted to ask something.

So, my lovely readers, if you've read the Books of Bayern, who are your favorite leading ladies of Bayern, and why? Who can you relate to the most? :)


  1. I like Ani, just because The Goose Girl is my favorite. :) I should definitely check the audiobook out!

  2. Or Isi. I never really know which one to use. :P

  3. Wow, Priya. You commented quickly. :D I just posted this like two minutes ago. lol

    I just say Ani. :P GG is my favorite Bayern book, and then FB, so Rin is my second favorite. :D

  4. AGH! Must go get it now!! *runs to library*
    I've only read The Goose Girl (a million times, haha) but I've never gotten a chance to do the audio book thing. Thanks for the info!!