Earth Day!

Today is, as we all know, Earth Day! Hooray! :D Last year, I made an environmental blog for journalism, and for my very first post in the blogging world, I wrote a bunch of awesome (and some frightning) facts about our very own planet. I just thought I would pull them out again in honor of today:

-The Earth is actually pear-shaped! Scientists have found that the top is pushed in and the bottom bulges out. Weird, isn't it?

Rainforests once covered 14% of the earth's land surface, now they only cover 2%.

- The largest ocean on earth is the Pacific, which was named after the pacifis
ts who were killed and tossed into it by pirates and malevolent mariners.

80% of all life on earth is found under the ocean surface.

- Roughly 2,000,000 pounds of space dust enters the atmosphere from space every year and reaches the planet's surface. Some scientists claim that they bring space microbes that cause the flu!

- There are about 10.5 million species existing on the planet now.
Environmentalists are predicating that more than half are predicted to go extinct.

-There is 97% of salt water and only 3% of fresh water. (Since we're consuming the fresh water so fast, that 3% is probably soon going to disappear.)

I think Nathan Hale put it perfectly when he wrote today and said, " I am glad that we have an Earth." :)

Every Earth Day (and actually every holiday), I always look forward to the Google logo! Last year's was this:

This year's is this:

Which one do you like better? I still like last year's, but this year's is very pretty too. (BTW, yes I do like to save all the fantastic, special Google logos that I see :D) Anything special you do in school or other places for today? In one of my classes, we ate a scrumptious Chocolate cake with a tree on it. :D (Oh, and we went around and cleaned our campus, like we do every year :P)


  1. what class did you have chocolate cake in?

  2. Those are some harsh facts, about the rainforests. It makes me sad, but also more determined to save the environment. Thanks for posting! I like last year's google, easier to read!

  3. Cool facts. I agree with Kirthi. I think I spent about two minutes trying to figure out where Google went. :P

  4. Grace: The TIME where we fly into the SKY once a week. Sorry that's so cryptic, but the words give a clue! So, not a class, actually. :D

    Kirthi & Elle: Yeah, the facts do make me sad, especially the ones about the rainforest, and the species. But the good thing is, we're all working on making the environment a better place, so hopefully that will work out. :)

    And Google did make their logo hard to read! That's too bad for them...

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