July Revelations/Thoughts

- Though this summer has been enjoyable, something felt wrong about it, and then two nights ago, I realized why! I didn't make a summer to-do list. Hehe. As an organized/ OCD person, I can't live without planning and lists. I have 21 things to do, and if I don't get them done, I'll turn insane. But I'm just so glad I figured what was wrong because that weird feeling was really getting to me.

- So it took 3 days to download Illustrator, and gah! I think it might be my favorite graphics application! And OMG, the new iMovie is simply awesome too!!!!!!! (<----- You can tell that I'm really excited about it when I'm using waay too many exclamation marks than necessary!) Since I don't need my brother to teach me iMovie like he had to with Illustrator, it's so much more fun. I feel like myself with iMovie again. Yes, I am a technology geek. :)

- I'm reading Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater (about time, eh? :P), and I love Sam. He's interesting to read about, and my, all the attention and admiration the prose got is well deserved! It's gorgeous and enchanting. The only problem *ducks from all the shoes that will be thrown at me* is that Grace's life is diminishing little by little with each page since she's soo caught up with Sam, but since this is a romancish novel, it's excusable...

- On Sunday, 2:30 Eastern time, the Soccer game between the Netherlands and Spain will start! I'm so fired up for the match because Soccer is the only sport I watch, and it's the final game for the World Cup championship! Eep! I was so sure that Germany was going to take the cake this year (I mean, they beat Argentina 4-0...), but this is okay I guess, since I don't exactly have a team I'm rooting for. The match should be very interesting, and may the best man, er, team, win! If you're watching the World Cup, what do you think about the game at this point?

- And, before I forget, I created a blogroll. Tell me if I missed anyone!


  1. Thank you for including me on your blogroll Nonie!

  2. Thanks for linking to me! :) I've always wanted to use iMovie... I know it's wayyyy better than Windows Movie Maker, but I don't have a Mac and whenever I try using iMovie on a friend's computer, I always get lost. :P I guess I just have to get used to it!

  3. What do you about the game at this point??
    I'm not so sure.
    Illustrator and iMovie are pretty cool.
    So yeah, umhmm?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  4. Rachel: You're welcome!

    Priya: I know right? Windows Movie Maker is so much more confusing to use, so I got really depressed when we had to get rid of our Mac a couple years ago. WMM has a few good features, but iMovie is much more user friendly. :D

    Rishi: Ummm...a couple of thoughts like "OMG yay! Germany won against Uruguay today! I'm so happy!" or something like that, not that you talk like that. Hehe.

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