....when we were wandering aimlessly in our mall, I spent some time in the candle shop (because who doesn't like walking around scented candles? Mmmm....) When I walked past a stand of tiny candles, I randomly picked one up and sniffed it. It was lovely. :) And then, you know in Pride and Prejudice (2005), when Keira Knightley is in front of Pemberley in her carriage, she makes this choking/laughing sound, right? I think that's the sound that escaped my lips, when I saw what flower the scent came from:

Evening Primrose!
And it was the first time I ever saw one too, ever.

Talk about a very weird coincidence.
Clearly, the Hunger Games characters are determined to stay in my thoughts, even weeks later...

(Sorry if the picture is fuzzy; it came from my brother's cell phone.)

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