Ahoy Me Hearties!

Today be International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Arrgh, maties!

Confession: When I be wee, I be fascinated wi' Seafarin' heartys (along w' Spies an' Detectives). I think I read ever' book I could find about them. The most fascinatin' Pirate be Blackbeard (well, he be th' most famous). :D

My favorite fictional Sea Dogs be:

Patchy the Pirate

Red Rackham (an' Captain Haddock)

Captain Hook

an' who can forget Jack Sparrow (or ortin' ta I say Captain Jack Sparrow) an' Barbossa?

(Who do ye find the most interestin' (or who's yer favorite)?) :D

Well, that's all th' talkin' like a sea dog fer today, shipmates. ('Tis tirin'.) Reckon if ye haven't do so yet, go aroun' an' tell someone Arrgh!!

(Oh aye, an' how can't be International Talk Like a Pirate Day if we dasn't play this tune at least once?)

Yo ho yo ho, a Pirate's life for me...

Happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Fair Winds!

(I translated with English To Pirate Speak. :D )


  1. Hilarious! Love your post!

    Or should I say:

    Ye be makin me laugh with yer swashbuckling humer!

    Perhaps me be makin' this pirate talk a journal topic in me writin' class t'morrow.

  2. Thanks, Beth! If your journal topic was about Pirate speak, I hope your students had a great time with it! :)

  3. Pretty Cool.

    But you forgot Ridley, the Space Pirate from the Metroid series. Well, I guess, since Ridley's a dragon-like extraterrestrial, he doesn't really count.

    I think the best pirate would probably be Bartholomew oberts because he was the most successful pirate of the Golden Age of Piracy (or so Wikipedia says, but you can't always trust Wikipedia).

  4. Ah, but Ridley is a Space Pirate. I don't think he spoke like a traditional one. :D He doesn't count. I heard of Bartholomew...I think...but Edward Teach is still the most interesting!