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It’s almost the end of a vacation week so now it means that I have go back to work on the projects and homework I’ve procrastinated it on (as usual). But how horrible is it that this week coincides with Oscar week? While I should be thinking about the Treaty of Versailles for European History, I’ve might’ve been thinking a lot of about who and what the Oscar winners are going to be come Sunday night. (But I love movies and Oscar sunday is basically my family’s Superbowl, so I guess it makes sense that I love procrastinating with thinking about the Oscars.) 

I put together a list of predictions for the categories I’m looking forward to seeing the most. So here we go- the predictions for the 84th Academy Awards.......*drumroll*: 

Best Visual Effects and/or Best Makeup, Harry Potter
I think one of these awards will go to Deathly Hallows Part 2 just so the Academy will say that they gave Harry at least one award. Otherwise, Rise of the Planet of the Apes will win Visual Effects and the Iron Lady will win Best Makeup.

Best Art Direction, Hugo
I think it can go either way: Harry or Hugo. I think Harry deserves it because Stuart Craig & Co has been almost always consistent for eight films, and they really just should give Harry Potter a technical award already. But Hollywood ADORES Hugo to death and the sets, the lighting, and subtle CGI are magnificently done. Plus, they recreate 1920‘s Paris! Everyone loves Paris!  

Best Original Score, The Artist
Since The Artist is a silent film and all, the music takes a bigger role in the film than usual (and I have a hard time resisting getting up to tap dance whenever I hear this track.) But don’t worry Howard Shore! If it’s any consolation to you, The Flying Scribble award for Best Score will go to your score.

Best Animated Feature Short, La Luna
The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris is quite charming, but I think they'll give it to La Luna as a consolation prize for (gasp!) not giving Pixar a nomination in the Animated Feature category.

Best Adapted Screenplay, The Descendants 
This *might* be the only award it’ll get this Sunday.

Best Original Screenplay, Midnight in Paris
Woody Allen + Paris = Oscar gold, or so they say. 

Best Animated Feature, Rango
If I wrote this on Jan 24th when the nominations came out, there would’ve been a lot of exclamation points and bolded words in this category, but it’s been almost a month and I’ve almost gotten over the heartbreak that is Tintin not getting nominated*. But of course, even if it did, the award would’ve (rightfully) went to Rango because it’s just a quirky homage to western film (plus Johnny Depp)! 

Best Actress/Actor in a Supporting Role, Octavia Spencer & Christopher Plummer for the Help & the Beginners respectively 
They’ve been sweeping every other award so I don’t see why the Academy will decide to not let them end their award sweeping on a high...unless they truly are evil. 

Best Actress, Viola Davis for the Help
If Viola Davis won, I think it'll be ok for Meryl Streep because she’ll probably get nominated next year, and the year after next, and the year after that. 

Best Actor, Jean Dujardin for the Artist 
First: YAY Gary Oldman for getting nominated! 
Second: Jean won the Screen Actors Guild award,  and don’t the awards usually predict correctly 99% of the time who’s going to to get the acting awards?

Best Director, Michel Hazanavicius for the Artist
It takes a lot of guts and a lot of faith in his film to make a black & white film decades after Hollywood stopped making black & white films.
Runner up: Martin Scorcese for Hugo.

Best Film, The Artist 
Cuz it’s The Artist, yo. That is all. 

So that’s it-all my Oscar picks for the year twenty-eleven. Even if I don’t get my work done, at least I can say to everyone that I predicted at least some of the winners out the 14 categories correctly. 

(Oh, umm, before I end this post I guess I should mention that the only films I’ve seen out of all nominated ones were Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, Hugo, Tintin, Rango, and the Iron Lady. Heh.)

*I think I’m mostly sad that the dvd’s not going to have the Nominated for Best Animated Feature title slapped on to its cover because you know...WETA sorta deserves it. The transitions, people. The transitions between scenes! They're amazing.**
**Why Academy, why?!! 

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