About the Bouche de Noel...

It's always been a dream of mine ever since I started French, to bake a perfect Bouche de Noel for Christmastime...

So I did make one this year. It didn't look at all like my ideal logs, but hey, it looks okay :-D (but please don't laugh when you see the pictures) -

A very chocolatey filling...

It turned out to be real tiny (about 6 inches in length to be exact). Why? Well, for some strange, mysterious reason unbeknownst to me, 2/3's of the cake got burnt and turned charcoal black. The sight of my beloved cake left me in anguish and completely shattered (seriously), but fortunately, it didn't do the same to my mom who just quickly salvaged the edible 1/3.

The frosting part didn't turn out so well either because the cake broke into pieces as soon as I started rolling it up to start spreading the cream, so then I had to turn to my trusty home-made chocolate filling to glue them all together again.

And call me weird, but despite all these mishaps, I'm quite proud of how the Bouche turned out to look almost like a real log with real tree bark, layers and all (see last picture), even though yes, I know the cake's not supposed to be like that. And...it didn't taste bad. A little too chocolatey perhaps because of the extra frosting I had to use for gluing, but overall I liked it. :D

Anyway, after the whole incident, I resolved to just write a letter to Santa in French next year for extra credit. I'm still a little burned out from all that cooking...



  1. oops, I laughed
    pretty cool bouche

  2. OH wow, you're funny ^_^
    The Bouche looks sooo yummmyy! I'm a serious chocolate fan and that's like, my dream!

  3. That's actually quite hilarious, Nonie. Good job for making one, because it looks really good. We always say (when cutting a cake or pie) that it doesn't matter how it looks because it tastes just the same!

  4. @Rishi: Yes, I know that's a pretty cool Bouche.

    @Kirthi & Priya: Thanks, guys. :)

    @Grace: Yes, it seems that my life can get comedic at times. :P The problem was that I wanted my cake to be as French and authentic as possible (their food is always perfect, or at least looks perfect) so I got sad for a while. But I like how my cake turned out now. :D Thanks!

  5. The reason you always see perfect French food is because they only show the good pictures. Plus, the girls that make them have probably practiced a lot.

  6. You forgot to add that I'm too lazy with cooking to don't bother practicing, unlike the professionals, so no wonder my Bouche turned out differently. Hehe. :P Thanks, Grace. :)

  7. Hi! You've won the Stylish Blogger and Versatile Blogger Award! You can check out the post here: http://beasbookblog.blogspot.com/2011/01/stylish-blogger-award-and-versatile.html Also, I might have chuckled when I saw the bouche, but it still looks mighty tasty.