Happy New Year!

Before the ball drops in New York City (in 5 minutes!) and 2011 gets here on the East Coast, I just wanted to say, Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a fabulous 2010, and here’s to an even greater one. :)

Thank you for being lovely readers. :D

Best wishes,


  1. Happy New Year to you too, Nonie. I miss seeing you! By the way, I like how you have Tikki Tikki Tembo on your book list. My brother can recite much of it...:)

  2. Grace! I miss seeing you too. :( Haha, actually, I just put in Tikki Tikki Tembo because of your brother. When I was buying gifts at Borders to buy gifts, I remembered your brother reciting TTT, so I just read very quickly and added it. :D That was one of my favorite picture books waaay back. :P