Yes, Tom, we really do say boo-yah.

To brighten up our Tuesday (or the couple of hours that's left of it), here's a hilarious video of the Harry Potter stars trying to speak American. Boo-yah!

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And from what my friend showed me in the morning, it looks like there's a new way to Hogwarts from New York City! :D As you can see in this picture, there's a new Platform 9 3/4 in the Union Square Subway Station.

Umm...how amazing is that? :D (In New York too!)


On a totally unrelated note, Bookshelves of Doom, showed us the first couple of stills from the new Tin-Tin movie (directed by both Steven Spielberg *and* Peter Jackson, and slated for a release late 2011 or 2012). Anyone here a Tin-Tin fan? They're not well-known here, but they've been my favorite graphic novel series for a long time! (Okay, they're the only graphic novels I read...unless you count Calvin & Hobbes, and C&H comics are not exactly novels).

A lot of stills can be found here, and here. The movie is said to be based on Red Rackham's Treasure, but judging from a couple of the pictures, the film crew seem to be including bits of the Crab with the Golden Claw also. The animation looks...strange (aww...Snowy looks odd), but at least they got the signature pose right somewhat. I guess we'll just have to wait until next year to see the whole thing.

(But seriously, if you like mysteries, adventure, action, and a wonderful cast of characters, and you haven't read Tin-Tin yet, you're missing out!)


Have a nice Thanksgiving break, everyone! Boo-yah!* :D

P.S. See Deathly Hallows if you haven't yet! It's wonderful; I think it's my favorite one after Prisoner of Azkaban. Everything is amazing about it, especially *spoilers* the first couple of scenes (so much emotion!), a certain dance to this song, Dobby (now who can forget Dobby?), the trio, the scenery, the acting, the editing, screenwriting, and the cinematography (chase scenes!). Yep, it's great. :) I do think that people who read the book will have a way easier time understanding everything though. My friends who haven't read the books didn't like it as much and got confused mucho, but my friends who read it said that it's their favorite of the series, and it looks like the same thing happened with the film critics.

*Wrong context, but very fun to say. :)


  1. The part about the platform is so cool!

  2. That video is HILARIOUS!

    And you'd think London would have come up with the 9 3/4 before New York. Way to go NEW YORK! :o)

  3. My favorite part of the whole video was when Tom asked if people here really do say boo-yah. Now that I think of it...it is really weird. :P

    And seeing the platform just brightened up my whole day! :) Glad you two liked it. I hope they don't take the sign down soon! :)

  4. Oh my gosh, I loved that clip of the HP stars! "Where is Olive Garden?" cracks me up every time. Also, Tom is super twangy! And that platform listing is awesome. I love stuff like that.


    PS. Thanks for your nice words on my NaNo posts! I think I will try to clean up an excerpt and post it. Rapunzel does feature as a side character, along with a lot of other fairytale characters. ^_^

  5. It's the little things like the video and the picture that make me happy. :)

    You're welcome about the NaNo post! I still think you and anyone who participated in NaNo are courageous. There's no way I can do NaNo! I'm looking forward to reading your excerpts. Your story does sound interesting. :)