The Case of the Mysterious Footprints

Last night, I looked out my window to find these in my backyard:

Footprints! Very un-human-like footprints! They started from the side of my house, and went into my backyard. Well, they definitely didn't come from humans. There's my footprint right next to it to prove it.

Judging from this picture, it looks like it came from a dog-
The only problem with that was that is that the footprints were quite large, and all the dogs on my street are tiny. The picture below raises the possibility that the animal either has claws, or hoofs...maybe...

The real creepy thing is that...the creature only has two legs. Well, that's we think because when I went outside and checked, there was only one pair of footprints. If the animal had four-legs, there would've been two pairs. *Shudders* And it's strange how it looks as if the animal was placing one foot directly in front of the other. The footprints are in a straight line (my footprints are on the left)-

They stop abruptly in the middle of my backyard, but my dad just said the snow probably covered the rest up (and I'm pretty sure he's right about that).
Umm...so, does anyone know any two-legged, hoofed and/or clawed animal? Well, whatever that creature was, I hope it's long gone from my neighborhood. *Shudders again*


  1. was it big? If not maybe it was a rabbit. It looks kind of hoof-like though.

  2. Maybe it was Gigan, the giant cyborg monster from outer space :o

  3. It must be a deer! These are really strange footprints. The color of the snow is amazing!

  4. Grace- A few of the footprints were larger than my feet, and the width between one footprint and another was more than at least 6 in, so that indicates the animal was large.

    Rishi- Err...for some reason I don't think Japanese movie monsters are involved in this.

    Kirthi- hmm...I don't think that it's a deer because there's only one line of footprints. If it was a deer, there would've two lines...hmm...

  5. That is really creepy. I first thought it was a deer, but the footprints (correction: footprints, pawprints, hoofprints, or clawprints) look too big to be deer prints...

    It must have been a giant, magical unicorn. :)

  6. Priya- Oops, I was writing it so quick, I forgot that they weren't footprints. Thanks for the correction. :-D

    You know, yesterday night after getting tired of fretting over what it must've been, I just decided that it was a magical unicorn. :P

    funny how we thought of the same thing!

  7. This is such a cool mystery! I love these things :) But hmm...maybe it's an unknown species that have yet to be discovered. And it just happened to be lurking about in your backyard. Pretty cool! :D

    By the way, thank you for stopping by at my blog and at goodreads! :)