An Epic Fail (as some people would say)

Today was crazy. Probably one of the craziest day of the school year yet. No, not crazy. It was disappointing. Upsetting. Frustrating. Self- confidence-diminishing. Sad. About a month ago, my friends and I in our business class decided to team up for a University business plan competition that high school students can enter in. We started it, but our idea was huge, and we needed permission from certain groups of people, and a lot of financial and other legal documents. So over winter break, we decided to forfeit this year, research more, become experts on our plan, and work on our business plan little by little each month this year, and get it finished and polished for next year's competition.

The day we came back from break, we told our business teacher, who was also our very supportive advisor for the whole thing, about taking our time with the plan, and entering next year. She agreed with us, and emailed the man in charge of the competition about taking our our names. The guy, emailed back, and told us that we should enter even if our plan is horrible, because (as he said) "we have nothing to loose." So there we were, staying after school everyday, getting the permission from the group we needed, looking up all the financial aspects of the business, trying to finish all that we needed, and with that, there also were tears, fights, staying up until midnight sometimes, and getting distracted by tongue twisters on the internet involved.

We didn't finish. We were so close too. I guess my friends and I knew that we never would, even when we agreed with our teacher, when she told us that we could still enter the competition. She became enthusiastic with our idea, and helped us as much as possible this past week. See, that's the problem. We didn't care that we didn't finish. It was just that, in the end, we disappointed our teacher. Our teacher, who stayed after school every day and finish, trusted us, and helped us get everything we needed. Maybe we didn't disappoint her, but her face fell, when she came over to us this morning to ask us about our business plan entry and my partner told her that there was no way that we could turn it in this evening.

I almost burst into tears when I saw her look change from hopefulness to sadness when my partner told her our news. It was worse than we could bare. I know that we really did have no chance of finishing, but I hate failing, or disappointing people. Especially people who work so hard to help. And at the end, I ended up doing what I hated.

Life can get so weird sometimes.


  1. Aw, I'm so sorry! School can be so incredibly frustrating...and failure just downright sucks. I know you'll be able to dust yourself off, and keep going. :) If you ever want to talk or anything, just shoot me an email!

  2. I didn't know you were doing all that, Nonie. Sorry you didn't get to finish, but great job for persevering!

  3. Sorry about that. Maybe you should watch Godzilla, Mothra, and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack. The movie is okay but the title is really cool. Or maybe Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.

  4. Aww, I'm sorry. That really sucks... I hope you feel better soon.

  5. Wow, thanks everyone for the encouraging comments!

    Rishi- No, I'm not going to watch Godzilla to feel better. Maybe Star Trek...but never Godzilla!

  6. I'm sorry but correcting grammar is fun for me if it's not an assignment in school.

    When you say "It was more than we could bare" it's really supposed to say bear not bare. :P