Let me introduce you to Kevin the Owl

See that little creature hiding behind the heating thing? That's Kevin the Owl (click here to see a larger image). Our group named him Kevin, because he seemed very much like a Kevin to us for some reason. He lives on the back roof of our church. We saw him everyday as we went outside to play some VBS games. He's been in that exact same spot from Sunday-Thursday, staring at us while we were doing chariot racing (with flattened cardboard boxes and that was hilarious), playing with hula hoops, and pretending to be ancient Rome firemen (that soon turned into a huge, ferocious water fight and almost everyone got soaked!). Poor Kevin. I don't think he liked us very much. We were probably too noisy for him. I hope Kevin finds some good, tasty mice to eat when he's hungry.


  1. How was your VBS? What age group did you end up working with? It sounds like fun!

  2. Hey Grace! Yeah VBS was great! I was the Vitellius tribe helper. Everyone in my group was younger than 10. Our group was crazy. The games never went right! :-D