Adventures in this week

This week I:
  • Played Badminton in my friend's backyard. It was my friend Grace and I against her brother. Grace and I were talking throughout the game so sometimes we didn't notice when the birdie came on our side. :)

  • Studied for my health and wellness exam- My exam is on July 16th. Nine more days until the test...I'll be so glad when it's over! Then I can finally stop writing reports and reading about fitness. Reading all these things about health problems are causing me to be a health freak. Now I'm being really careful about what I'm eating (not that that's a bad thing, but sometimes I really want to indulge in sweet stuff without thinking about the serving size and how many grams of fat it has).

  • Watched Hoot, the movie adaption of the book Hoot by Carl Haissen- I watched it because it had Logan Lerman in it. He's playing Percy in the The Lightning Thief movie, so I just wanted to see if he was any good. He was good, and the movie wasn't as boring as I thought it would be! Some parts were funny, some parts were cute, and the last scene where they stop the bad guy from bulldozing where the owls were was kind of touching.

  • Watched National Treasure II: Book Of Secrets- I liked National Treasure better. This one was just like the first movie, except it had different villains, and a sort-of different plot. But did you ever realize that Riley knows something that Ben or Abigail don't know in both movies? The twist in the story comes from his knowledge. In the first movie, he knew about the daylight savings time and in this movie he knew about the Book of Secrets.

  • Joined Goodreads! Yay! I joined it so I can keep track of all my books and I also get the cool widget that I can put on this blog. Now you can see the ratings I give my books, if you want. Here's my goodreads profile.

  • Found out from Ally Carter's blog that there's a perfectly-to-scale replica of the Parthenon in Nashville, Tenessee!!! Now that's on my "future destinations" list. If I never get to go to Athens to see the real Parthenon, at least there'll be a Plan B! :-D


  1. Guess what?! I've been there. It's pretty cool but I was on a mission trip and we were debriefing there mostly outside it.

  2. Cool! So that's where you were the whole week! You have to tell me about your trip later!