You guys, I just saw that the official blurb for THIS SURE TO BE VERY AWESOME book that I am eagerly waiting for came out, and I had to write about it.

*takes deep breath*

So THIS SURE TO BE VERY AWESOME book is called GOLIATH, by Scott Westerfeld. I can honestly say that this is the most highly anticipated book for me of 2011.

Here’s the new, official blurb that got released onto the Simon & Schuster page:

*Spoilers for the previous two in the trilogy of course*

Alek and Deryn are on the last leg of their round-the-world quest to end World War I, reclaimAlek's throne as prince of Austria, and finally fall in love. The first two objectives are complicated by the fact that their ship, the Leviathan, continues to detour farther away from the heart of the war (and crown). And the love thing would be a lot easier if Alek knew Deryn was a girl. (She has to pose as a boy in order to serve in the British Air Service.) And if they weren't technically enemies.

The tension thickens as the Leviathan steams toward New York City with a homicidal lunatic on board: secrets suddenly unravel, characters reappear, and nothing is as it seems in this thunderous conclusion to Scott Westerfeld's brilliant trilogy.

Please allow me to go all fangirly for a second:

OMGOMGOMGOMG. EEEEEEEEEE!!! AAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! *throws confetti* EEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

*takes a deep breath* Okay, I’m all done now. ;) *phew*

Now that I’ve gotten rid of all of that, I should be able to write rationally:

My review (and hopefully not a gushfest *blush*) for Leviathan is here. When I read it last summer I fell hard for the story, the characters, and omg, the era (EEEeeee WWI era! <-- so much for being rational). I slept with it under my pillow everyday, no joke.*

Then along came the sequel, Behemoth, a couple months later in October and I loved it just as much as I did the first (hmm...I never reviewed this book...maybe I ought to?).

Now, the final book in the trilogy is coming out this fall, and I can hardly wait for it, though the release date has been moving around. First it was sometime in October. Later, SW announced that it would be released the 13th of September, and now apparently, the date has been pushed back a week to September 20th. *sigh*

Some VERY VERY VERY LUCKY people might have already gotten an ARC of this SURE TO BE AWESOME book today in BEA, from 1-2 today, Scott Westerfeld was there signing GOLIATH ARCS. *cries*

But it’s okay. I can wait 117 days. I have waited before for HP, Hunger Games, and other series, so I can definitely wait for this book.

I have predictions for this final novel as to what will happen to Alek with his royal title, Deryn, and certain revelations, but they shall come later, maybe the day before the release date. But Scott Westerfeld told Alan Cumming that the story will have a happy ending, so thinking positively, there will be! Hehehe. Can’t wait to read reviews when they start coming out. :)

* Well for two days, but that’s because I read the book at night and I had to put it somewhere before I fell asleep...