To appease our appetites for Mockingjay until tomorrow...

Scholastic just released a sneak peek of the first chapter! *hyperventilates*

Just a couple more hours...I think I'll be able to make it. ;)

(Oh, and we all know what Katniss thinks at the end is not going to be true, right? Because if what they think happens to be true...I'll be very, very sad. The good thing is...it's probably not true...)


  1. Teehee, I just posted this too. I can't wait!!! And about what Katniss thinks at the end, it probably isn't true. I can't see it being true.

    When I was on Youtube getting the embed code for this, I scrolled through the comments and one person said that if Peeta is better off dead, then he probably isn't dead. :P

    But yeah, I'm soooo excited! The only thing is that I preordered a copy from Borders with the cheapest shipping available, so I don't know if I'll get my copy until later this week or even next week... :-(