things that are making me smile

Sunshine pouring through my window. It's making me want to jump up and sing "There's Something About the Sunshine" from the *coughcough* Disney movie Starstruck. *coughcough* FYI, I only watched that movie because I was curious about how they were going to go about with the story, of course. :D

The snow, melting. It means that spring is right around the corner! Just seventeen more days...

Anti-communism propaganda movies from the 1940's in APUSH. :D A little exaggerated maybe, but hilarious, and definitely very interesting.

My orthodontists said I'm going to get my braces off in 6 weeks! *sob* I never thought this day would come.

My friends telling me what's it like to get the braces off. I guess I can expect a lot of drool, dust when they take the braces off.

Seeing and talking to some of my old 9th grade classmates after school, yesterday. It's been such a long time since I've seen them...

The Goose Girl audiobook. I love listening to this, especially when I'm making flashcards for French or other classes.

Nathan Hale following me on twitter!

Rachel's recipes! I've learned that cupcakes = Fairy Cakes in the UK. That's so sweet! One day during the summer, I'm going to make them all.

Getting back on track in school. It always takes me a couple of days after vacation to start doing things regularly, and I'm not the procrastinator anymore. Yay, homework! (Being positive helps with the procrastination problems. :D)

Honey Nut Cheerios, my comfort food and one of my favorite snacks. I don't think I can survive without them.

The Oscars are on Sunday! Did I ever mention I have this deep love for the Academy Awards? I can't wait for this one (though I only watched like two movies on the whole list of nominees).

writing this list is certainly making me smile. ;)

Have a fabulous weekend, everyone!


  1. Aww! Nonie, thanks so much for linking to me!! I'm glad I make you smile :)
    I like the sunshine too, although it's still cold. Brr! Have a fabulous weekend yourself!
    P.S Apologies for excessive exclamation use- I just really loved your post. Very smiley.

  2. StarStruck? Star Trek is cooler (I mean, well I wouldn't know since I never watched StarStruck but I'm pretty sure it is)
    Frosted Flakes are better.
    Do you mean like 'I Married a Communist'? Yeah the title's pretty funny.
    Yeah, I can't wait to see who wins all those cool, shiny, little statues. Star Trek should have gotten a nomination for Best Picture if they were going to give nominations to ten movies though. We wouldn't have cell phones and sliding doors if it weren't for Star Trek :o.

  3. Rachel- :)

    Rishi: No, not "I Married a Communist." It was just a video on why people shouldn't join the party. And maybe Star Trek will win Best Makeup, but definitely not Best Movie. Hehe :P

  4. I'm so glad it's getting to be spring, aren't you?!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Yes! Finally we can stop carrying our winter coats around school! :D