All for La Chandeleur :)

I've been feeling sick all afternoon yesterday, so I stayed home today. I'm bored now, of laying down in bed all day, so I'm going to write a little bit about making crepes! February 2nd was La Chandeleur (the Day of the Crepes, though originally known as the Virgin Mary's Blessing Day), so for our French class, each student had to bring five crepes to eat. (Yep, we had a little crepe party going on. :P )

I wanted to wake up at 5 in the morning, so I would have enough time to make my crepes all gourmet and such, like this:

but my alarm didn't go off, and I ended up waking up at 5:40. I got ready fairly quickly, and I made my crepes in about 30 min. (Phew! I didn't miss the bus!) Well, because of the lack of time, the crepes didn't turn out as fancy as I had originally planned.

They were all tiny, so they fit into a small sandwich box

because the mix didn't spread all around the pan like it was supposed to:

One wasn't even a circle at all! What do you think it looks like?

And these are all my five crepes:

I think the one on the top was the best. Hehe...as you can see, I sort of burned one crepe, but the good thing is each student ate their own! We only shared the toppings. (By the way, I think Nutella is the best crepe topping, ever.) My crepes might've been small and weird-looking, but they were quite tasty (if I do say so myself :P). I love making crepes.


If you have a sudden desire to eat crepes after reading this post, I suggest using this recipe. They're quick, and easy to make! Not to mention, delicious. :)

the first image via google images


  1. oooh, they look yummy! I feel jealous, I'm NOT born to cook :D

  2. So they did turn out well. I missed you today in APUSH. Hope you're feeling better!

  3. Kirthi- Me? A born cook? I don't think I've ever gotten a higher compliment than yours for my cooking! Thank you! :D I actually am starting to enjoy cooking a lot more now. :)

    Grace- I'm feeling a lot better already, thank you. I missed you too! I hope the test was ok... :O

  4. I will withdraw
    But this intrusion shall
    Now seeming sweet
    Convert to bittr'st gall.

    -Tybalt (in Romeo and Juliet)

    So anyway about the crepes - Watch Out!!!
    Yeah you're a cook who's gone where no cook has gone ... before.

    I just wanted to make a Star Trek reference :P

  5. Ahem, someone is reading too much Romeo and Juliet. *tsk-tsk*

    Why don't you ever make a Lost in Space reference? Or a Batman reference? :P

  6. Loving the sound of a crepe party. And your crepes look amazing and interesting- circles are boring! Some of my friends in sociology had a cake party the other day- I'm so jealous.

  7. Those look really good! I'm so hungry right now...