What's this? A new book cover?

While I was looking around Amazon for a few things, I came across this:

While the picture on the cover makes for an epic billboard, it, sadly, doesn't look that great as a book cover (even if it does have Logan Lerman on it :P). The image was meant for bigger things than a paperback book, and it's a tad bit too movie-posterish, too hollywoodized for this. It feels as if the effect that the picture is supposed to have on you is getting suppressed. (Err...do I make any sense?) It does have many similarities to the original cover though: the back of Percy's head, who's in a body of water, facing an overcast New York City. Doesn't the title font look the same too?


  1. Following the evolution of book covers is an art form in itself. I guess the good thing is that "Percy Jackson" has received enough of a following where he gets a new book cover : )

    Oh, and yeah, totally with you on Logan!

  2. Hi KLo! Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

    Well, I guess that it's ok that there's a new book cover for PJ, but Harry Potter or Twilight books never got a movie book cover. I wonder why...

  3. your new background is so pretty! See you tonight!