The Goose Girl

by Shannon Hale

A little summary:
While Princess Anidori is traveling to Bayern, to marry the Prince, she gets betrayed by Selia, her evil lady-in-waiting and her guards. She escapes and Selia sets of to Bayern to take her place as the Princess. Ani takes refuge as a goose girl while plotting how to get back her crown and her name.
(Ok, I know the summary is really bad. I'm horrible at writing summaries, but I'm working on it!)

A little review:
The Goose Girl is perfect in every way possible. It has a girl that can talk to birds and horses, betrayals, magic, romance, suspense, and a beautiful climax. What more could you want? I could not put this book down. Ani is a really admirable character and I loved how she grows throughout the book. She was so shy and unsure of herself at the beginning, but by the end, she turned into a courageous, independent, and strong young woman. I also loved how she could interact with the animals and the wind. (That would be really fun if I could do that.)

I just love this story so much! *sigh* Now I don't want to return it to the library!


  1. I told you it was good...wow you read fast! Are you going to read Enna Burning? I should read that one too.

  2. It's such a good book. Thanks for recommending it to me! Yes, I'm planning to read to read Enna Burning, and River Secrets! I have both of them on hold in the library. Hope they come fast!